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News from around the BBQ blogsphere

Grilling With Rich gives the full results of this year's American Royal BBQ competition. Big Poppa Smokers takes Grand Champion. BBQ Jew explains how BBQ can cure cancer.

Memphis Que is eating through Jackson, TN and reviews Brooksie's Barn. He notes "For a city with a population of just 65,000 people Jackson, TN keeps amazing me with the amount of great barbecue places it has." He recommends Brooksie's, Latham's Meat Company, Backyard Bar-Be-Cue and the Reggi's Bar-B-Q.

BBQ Geek shows you how to order BBQ take out like a Pro! You thought just anyone could order bbq? Amateurs.

No Excuses BBQ grills up another pizza. Food Porn is overwhelming.

Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue digs up an old story on roasting beef with lighting bolts