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News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

Serious Eats notes that Chicago BBQ Hot Links are vastly different than the Texas version. Whose better is subject to a discussion at dawn with pistols drawn. They're showcasing Uncle John's because - "Perhaps nobody in the city does it better than Uncle John's, where the links are flecked with red pepper flakes and taste deeply of sage and pork fat." Well I'm sold.

The Meatwave posts his recipe for Grilled Figs stuffed with goat cheese. Sound too fancy pantsy for you? Fear not, I can tell you with confidence that this here is 100% redneck certified.

Big Wayne's BBQ Blog recounts his experience competing at this year's American Royal (the Superbowl of BBQ). Lots of cool pictures in this post!

What do you do when a wild animal runs into your house and dies? Why yes. But of course. You BBQ it!

Man Up Texas BBQ thinks people might need to reconsider the traditional Texas aversion for sauce. The prevalent gospel being that if the meat is good, you don't need sauce. He says "The problem is that this is simply not the reality at most BBQ joints. After more than 5 years of eating BBQ in Texas, my list of places whose meats are successful sans sauce (or side or something else to add moisture and/or flavor) is way, way smaller than the list of places whose meats need nothing."

Don O.'s Texas BBQ reviews the upcoming Salt Lick Cookbook. Spoiler! The secret family mustard sauce is not in the book.

Southern Foodway Alliance discovered old proof from 1630 that pirates did indeed BBQ. Seems like the sauce was lime juice, salt, and allspice. Arrrh!