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BBQ ROADTRIP!!! : Mighty Quinn’s - Brooklyn, NY

Over at the BBQ-Brethren forum, there have been massive experimentations and research on getting the holy grail of BBQ – “Jiggly Brisket”. That is, brisket cooked so tender and moist that it jiggles like a Jello dessert when you push it around. This was captured in full food pornographic zoom on the recent No Reservations episode where Anthony Bourdain visits Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, TX.

Brisket is the douchebag of the BBQ meat world. Butts, ribs, even alligator are more user friendly. Brisket will be dry both when it’s over and undercooked (go figure). There are even inconsistencies on how far a brisket should be cooked. A top notch brisket at the Kreuz Market, Franklin’s, Mueller’s etc., would be deemed overcooked in a Kansas City setting. A Kansas City brisket would seem dry and dull in Texas. So even when it’s “Done” is a matter of debate. So when someone is able to cook a perfect brisket to the Holy Grail point of jiggling, you have something special.

Mighty Quinn isn’t a restaurant yet. The Pitmaster and owner, Hugh Mangum, set up his massive Klose smoker at the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. The Smorgasburg is a brilliant foodie fair that takes place every weekend. Mangum normally has the longest lines. Word has it that a brick and mortar place is coming soon to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Can’t wait! Wish I could have captured the jiggle!

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