Arrogant Swine

Beer Hall Carolina Whole Hog BBQ

Cooking Whole Hog with the guys at John Brown Smokehouse

I was asked by the guys at John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City, NYC to help them with a pig. As a celebration of their joint's anniversary they had a "Harper's Ferry Day". For the event a 200lb Glouchestershire hog was procured. John Brown was named 2012 Best BBQ in NYC by the Village Voice newspaper, a local New York institution.

One of the greatest things about New York is not only our ability to constantly innovate but also our insatiable appetite for experiences around the world. In New York you can have Tibetian style dumplings for lunch and Ghanaese beef foot stew for dinner. John Brown brings the authentic flavors of Kansas City Style BBQ. Their regional specialty are burnt ends and they're justifiably well known for it. They don't do too many whole hogs down where the Chiefs are playing so I the local Eastern Carolina BBQ stylist and my equipment were enlisted to help.

We did a combination of techniques. The hog was injected with apple juice and rubbed with John Brown's award winning seasonings. Eastern Carolina favors simply salt and wood embers to add flavor. Now if you have never watched a 200lb pig being carried up a narrow flight of stairs from the basement, dripping with marinade, and having no natural handles, you're missing out. I fired up my smoker with my coals and 4 logs of oak wood and on she went to smoke for a good 12 hours. We banked the hog Ed Mitchell style.

The hog we cooked as definitely the most expensive swine I've ever thrown in my pit. The Gloucestershire is a rare breed and we had this organic beauty trucked in from Vermont. There will be an upcoming post on the Gloucestershire tomorrow. It was a pleasure to cook. This was the first time I've actually cooked the hog back side down. The Carolinas cook their hogs back side up, we only flip the hogs for the final end of the cooking process.

Overall a great cook. Even my constant regulators the police department and the fire department came by. Scared the living day lights out of me but the police just wanted to take a picture with the pig. The fire trucks actually stopped by and had lunch at the restaurant. Out of the blue the PBS television cameras came by and we had a nice mini-seminar on whole hog BBQ.

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