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News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

FOOD REPUBLIC cover the Southern Foodway Alliance's 15th Annual Symposium - basically the United Nations level conference on all things BBQ and American South related. They even had Alton Brown talking whole hog!!!! I'm praying that makes it to the public podcast or wise I might have to make my way down to Georgia and grovel at his door til he emails me the power points.

BBQ JEW brings our attention to 2 new BBQ joints in the much BBQ deprived North Carolina Coastal region. Fingers crossed that they're going to use all wood and not gas their hogs.

The MEATWAVE  delivers a spice-rubbed duck breast on the grill. Take that beer can chicken!

Grilling with Rich gives us a behind the scenes look at this year's Jack Daniel's Championship BBQ competition.  

No Excuses BBQ makes a BBQ Spaghetti completely on the grill with no pasta. How? I ain't telling, click the link and find out.

Full Custom Gospel BBQ tries out Mr. G's BBQ in Corpus Christi, TX. Sounds like he had a great time. The sausage comment is worth quoting in full - "All of this paled in comparison to the excellent link of sausage. Juice shot out of the link as I took a big bite out of the tip. The casing was taut with a juicy filling that wasn’t too fatty. The meat mix was heavy on the pork (if not all pork) a great seasoning mix, heavy on the cracked black pepper. With sausage this good and the fact that they’re carrying on a bit of the Joe Cotten tradition makes this place worth a visit.".

Memphis Cue finds some AMAZING ribs at his local dive bar. The only thing I could find at my local dive bar was a possible staph infection.

Marie Let's Eat reviews Crowe's BBQ in Madison, GA. She notes it  " is as off-the-radar as it gets, but it’s a perfectly fine little stop, and definitely something that interstate travelers should know about, since it’s just a straight two mile hop off the highway."