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The BIG PIG JIG!!! - 3 days of BBQ, Golf, and Hot Women!

I will be cooking with the Bubba Grills Competition Team at this year's Big Pig Jig down in Vienna, Georgia. This will be a great one on one session as I learn more about the requirements for the Memphis BBQ Network competitions. Amongst contests this is one of the big ones with the winner getting a direct invitation to the superbowl of swine - Memphis in May. It is the single largest barbecue competition in the Southeast and is the oldest in Georgia. The Travel Channel lists it as “World’s Best Barbecue Contests" and also "1001 Places to See Before You Die". I'm specifically looking forward to getting a whole hog masterclass from the CHAMPION Lonnie Smith.

There will be over 100 teams competing. Over $10,000 worth of prize money to be had. In addition there's a "Miss Big Pig Jig beauty pagent (because beautiful women go well with BBQ and seriously, who wouldn't want to be Miss Big Pig Jig?), a charity golf tournement, a livestock show, and of course the "Kiss the Big Pig" event where some guy has to kiss a 300lb pig. With a parade and arts and craft show, how is this not the coolest competition out there? Of course all through this, there's live music!

To give you an idea of the magnitude of this competition. The event is held every year in Vienna (pronounced Vy - Anna) which has a whooping <4,000 population. This balloons up to over 15,000 attendees. The wife has elected to not join me in watching a grown man kissing a 300lb pig (her loss) but I guess there might be others who are not as into the offerings that the Big Pig Jig has available. While my spouse will be spending the time at the world's largest aquarium in Atlanta, there abounds other exciting sites in Vienna like - drum roll - The GEORGIA STATE COTTON MUSEUM!!!!!! Sarcasm doesn't translate in text very well so I'd advise you read me in a sarcastic tone.

There will be much Road Trip and Food Porn photos to come.