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BBQ ROADTRIP!!! : Jackie Hite's - Leesville, South Carolina

The one issue with going on a BBQ Road Trip through South Carolina is that the hours are horribly inconvenient. Places like Sweatman's and Scott's Barbecue only operate 2-3 days a week and if you're not there you're there you're out of luck.

The other little quirky factor is that many places close painfully early. Staying open late in the South would be 8pm. How they survive with this is a mystery to me. Jackie Hite's does everyone better by closing at 2pm. I'm sure this flies well in the countryside but was horribly disappointing to me when I arrived at exactly 2:10pm.

Who ever is in charge of highway and road signs in South Carolina has to be the cheapest individual in the country. On average I saw a road sign every 50 miles which meant that if you were going the wrong direction, it would be a good hour before you realized it. Compound the fact that many of these towns are so obscure that neighboring towns didn't even know where they were. All this added up to me being horribly lost.

When I FINALLY found my way to Leesville, I was 10 minutes too late. There would be no BBQ for your weary traveler. I even told the waitress at the door I would really make it worth her while to let me in and take some photos and just grab a nibble of anything left over. Boy she wasn't having none of that! Under no certain terms would she open that door. I'd have an easier time sneaking a gold bar out of Fort Knox than I was getting any pork that day.

She did though generously told me I can take photos from the outside. I only hope Santa Claus is as generous with her stocking this Xmas. So there will be no food porn on this post but Jackie Hites does cook with only wood and I did grab a few great shots of their burn area while balancing on a picnic table. Check out my photos HERE.