Arrogant Swine

Beer Hall Carolina Whole Hog BBQ


See all my photos from the Big Pig Jig HERE Team Bubba Grills got 1st place in Ribs, 5th Place in Shoulder, and 10th in Whole Hog. Not too shabby. I was hoping we'd do better in hog as that beast was beautifully cooked.

We were also awarded the Jimmy Maxey Ultimate Cook Team award. This goes to the highest scores in the preliminary round. 

Full Results :

Whole Hog

  1. Jack's Old South
  2. Dixie Que
  3. Smarr Cooking Crew
  4. Rescue Smokers
  5. Slapjo Mama
  6. Biteback
  7. Jurassic Pork
  8. Lillie's Q
  9. Vienna Volunteer Fire Department
  10. Bubba Grills 


  1. Dixie Que
  2. Jack's Old South
  3. Hog Rock Cafe
  4. Georgia Stars
  5. Bubba Grills
  6. Vienna Volunteer Fire Department
  7. Doc and Dicies
  8. Mac's Smoke Shop
  9. Jack's New South BBQ
  10. Hog Heaven


  1. Bubba Grills 
  2. Rescue Smokers
  3. Slapjo Mama
  4. Smoke Shack
  5. Darton College
  6. Dixie Que
  7. Florida Boys
  8. Hog Heaven
  9. Jack's Old South BBQ
  10. Southern Smoke BBQ Team