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BBQ ROADTRIP!!! :Midway BBQ - Buffalo, South Carolina

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When I, and most everyone else in the country, think about hash we're thinking shredded potatoes. In South Carolina, it's an stew that's an integral part of the barbecue experience. There really isn't too many places that will serve South Carolina BBQ and not have hash on the menu. Mustard sauce optional, hash never. Midway was also my first experience with eating hash and it definitely set the bar high for me.

Midway is featured in the Southern Foodways Alliance's Oral Documentary project. In it they noted that Midway's slogan was “Hash and chicken stew capital of the world.” It's not one that I'd bet my money against. The beef hash was rich. I didn't realize there was a way to further concentrate the flavors of cow and butter. It would have been more clear to call their hash an "essence". It doesn't try to be very complex with a myriad of herbs and spices - it is the very image of going deep instead of broad.

I also matched it with some barbecue pork, mash potatoes and fried okra. The sides were perfect. Exactly what a proper barbecue plate should contain. The pork on the other hand was kinda bland. It wasn't bad, very moist and the sauces that came with it - Vinegar pepper, mustard, or red sauce - paired up with it nicely. It seems like they use the whole hog from what I saw coming from the truck. Just something missing in the pig. Walking around the back after breakfast I saw that my suspicions were confirmed - a large gas smoker.

I believe it's best to judge someone by what they're offering as their best product. You wouldn't order fish at a steakhouse nor steak at a sushi spot. The pork here was fine but didn't fit the 100 mile BBQ designation that the South Carolina BBQ Association gave it. But their Hash was easily 200 Mile BBQ. No road trip through South Carolina's BBQ landscape would be complete without Midway

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