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News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

DivaQ cooks up some Roasted Chicken with garlic thyme and red wine reduction - ON THE GRILL! Damn that sounds good....

I posted all of Aaron Franklin's BBQ Turkey for thanksgiving videos into one easy to view page. You are all welcome.

The MEATWAVE gives tips on what to do if you're only cooking turkey for only TWO people. I only cook for my wife and 5 year old kid and STILL make enough food for a dozen. You might be more reasonable than me, click the link.

Memphis Que gives his review of two top names in the downtown Memphis BBQ scene - Central BBQ & Double J Smokehouse.

Obsessive Compulsive BBQ sits us down for history lesson and presents a BBQ pit a MILE LONG....

BBQ Guy lost 9 lbs eating BBQ? How? Follow his blog and start out with his Dutch Oven Baked Beans.

BIG WAYNER reviews CODE 3 spice rubs. Those logos look awesome. The best part of this rub is "at least 10% of all sales go towards organizations that support police, fire, medical and military personnel."

BBQ ZEN gives us a heads up on an upcoming brisket MASTERCLASS by the Meat Department at Texas A&M. Sure beats the pants off English 101.

Pigs on the Run brings something new to smoke. Tired of just smoking chicken, ribs etc. Pecan pie needs to be the next thing to grace your pit.

Cowgirl's Country Life smokes up some quail with bacon and hickory. I'll take 4 birds.