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News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

Photo Source : Serious Eats Man Up Texas visits Woodpile BBQ in Austin. Brisket looks amazing btw.

Marie Let's Eat reviews Stick Pig Bar-B-Que in Murfeesboro, Tennessee. She begs you to not make the dear mistake that she did. The smoked wings are a local favorite and those in the know wouldn't miss it for the world.

Darryl Mast goes behind the scenes with the Picking Pokers BBQ team to get some of their championship secrets!

Grilling with Rich tries cooking Beef ribs for the first time. He definitely did a better job than I usually do with beef ribs. I find the hard thing to do is find really meaty slabs to begin with. The rib steaks that float above them are a premium and skilled butchers aren't going to leave any money on the table, hence you usually get just a bunch of sinew.

No Excuses BBQ tackles a massive amount of BBQ leftovers and makes chili for a frigid night.

Cowgirl's Country Life makes some venison beer bratwursts. You read that correctly, she MADE them not BOUGHT them. You may now go cry in a corner at your inferiority.

THE MEATWAVE grills up some Spicy Korean Pork to pre-game his Thanksgiving. We are humbled.

Serious Eats gives us plans on how to cook a raccoon. 

Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue tries his hand at making the "The Original Allman's Bar-B-Q Style Cheeseburger - Circa 1975". I'm a sucker for BBQ history. Hell I'm a sucker for food history in general especially if it can still be enjoyed today. Check it out.