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Gods of Whole Hog BBQ - Chris Siler

Chris Siler is the owner of Siler Old Time BBQ. His pitmaster's name is Ronnie Hampton. Siler is another new generation pitmasters still doing whole hog. As of this writing he's 37 years old and still preserving the traditions of whole hog BBQ.

Style - West Tennessee though Siler is actually pretty honest about his cooking methods. Many Tennessee pitmasters tend to exaggerate how low. He starts off hot and once the temperatures stabilize he lowers the heat. They use 200-250 lbs hogs as is favored in the West Tennessee area.

Fuel - Only hickory smoker ever touches these hogs.

Sauce - Siler has a unique sauce that utilizes a very old ingredient - Sorghum molasses  It isn't as sweet as we normally think for molasses and it has a rich deep flavor.