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BBQ ROADTRIP!!! : Interlude - Waffle House - Macon, Georgia

[gallery link="file" columns="6"] When you're going on a BBQ road trip through the South, you're bound to drive by the hundreds of Waffle Houses. While many in the south see the Waffle House as everything to be ashamed about, I look forward to it on all of my travels from New York.

The Americana food writer Josh Ozersky even declares it the Great American Restaurant. While I look forward to smoked meats every time I travel south, the guilty pleasure that's always penciled in are some pecan waffles, country ham and gravy smothered hashbrowns.

Some fun facts

  • Opened since 1955 and have sold almost 900 Million waffles and over 2.5 Billion eggs
  • You can have your very own White Trash wedding at your local waffle house location. The rings of course come on a bed of waffles.
  • Urban Dictionary actually uses Waffle House as an adjective -¬†When an activity or situation transcends being raunchy or disgusting.
  • The Waffle House is legendary for staying open through the worst of disasters. So much so that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) actually has a "Waffle House Index". There's different levels of affect but if your Waffle House is closed, it means the storm is huge and you are officially screwed.
  • The Austin, Texas Waffle House has 4 stars on Yelp. Which makes it only half a star away from the $400 a person Per Se restaurant in New York.
  • The President, Executives, and all managers are required to work at least one third shift a month at waffle house. So it's likely there's a chance that the CEO is at your waffle house frying you an egg.