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News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

Food Republic lists 10 things they learned this year eating BBQ all across the country. We'll forgive them for their mistake of listing Texas and Memphis as the best in the country.

Barbecue Master reviews smoked sausage links from Sunset Farms in Georgia.

Marie Let's Eat reviews Waikikie, a Hawaiian BBQ joint located in Georgia. Confused? Me too, read on.

The BBQ Grail reviews the new Salt Lick BBQ's cookbook.

Grilling with Rich get's FED at the SHED. If that's not a familiar refrain for you redeem yourself by clicking the link. Education is important - think of the children!

Man Up Texas BBQ finds some of the nations best BBQ in New York City. This isn't an Onion article, I promise. NYC's RUB BBQ really does produce some of the nation's best burnt ends.

The MEATWAVE made some extra apple butter, what to do? Well of course, smoke some pork loin!

The Southern Foodways Alliance honors the life of Jake Adams York, BBQ poet.