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Grilling with Rich gives his review of the second episode of this season's BBQ Pitmasters. On this episode they feature Georgian BBQ. Pretty odd that they had country style ribs there, I traveled all through Georgia and didn't see a single country style rib served.

Man Up Texas BBQ visits Micklethwait Craft Meats, a roadside BBQ trailer in Austin, Texas. "Found out two important things. One, they only serve brisket and pulled pork from Thursday to Saturday after 4:00 PM, no lunch. They serve pork, chicken, and sausage during lunch and they said they hope to try various other meats on random days for lunch."

MEATWAVE makes your weak attempt at stuffed peppers even more weak with his Planked Goat Cheese stuffed Peppadews. I didn't even know what a peppadew was til now.

Marie Let's Eat visits S'More BBQ in Douglasville, Georgia and notes "S’More offers some pretty tasty barbecue along with a host of other options on an expansive menu, and they do so at a quite nice price, particularly at lunch, when they have a whole page full of specials. But the experience was marred by the comically awful service that had us looking for hidden cameras. In our unfortunate server’s defense, it is breathtakingly wrong to assign one person to work both the hostess station for the whole barn as well as six to eight tables. I doubt even the most experienced and competent employee could handle that with grace."

The BBQ Guy cooked his briskets in **gasp!!** an OVEN...... Well it is cold out there.

The Serious Eats Staff picked their top 10 eats of 2012. 20% of the entries were of course BBQ. On Franklin's BBQ one writer notes ""I was a sceptic, even after reading Kenji's review, but it's every bit worth the wait (even in the cold). Ridiculously tender and flavorful. My New Year's resolution is probably going to be to find an excuse to book a trip to Austin. (Anyone?!)" Paul Cline, Serious Eats web developer"