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BBQ ROADTRIP!!! : Fletcher's BBQ – Brooklyn, New York

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New York City barbecue used to mean lighter fluid scented hotdogs. No longer, as the massive wave of new barbecue joints hyper focused on doing smoked meats right have hit town. It may have been true in the past that the South could hold a moral high-ground in doing things the old fashion and traditional way. The old school methods of only cooking with wood and avoiding overtly sweet sticky sauces. This is no longer the case as many BBQ joints in the American South have moved to gas smokers and slap generic corn syrup sauces on their ribs.

You can count on one hand, the number of joints in NYC that smoke with only wood. Fletcher's BBQ is one of them. Meats expertly smoked by well known pitmaster Matthew Fisher, former pitmaster of establishments like RUB NYC and Wildwood BBQ. Standing tall and proud is their all wood smoker made by J&R Enterprises. My favorite all time commercial smoker.

The menu is decidedly Brooklyn. While they're sticking with the traditional BBQ cuts and smoking old school with red oak and maple wood, the seasonings reflect that innovation and artistry permeating Brooklyn. There's pork steaks seasoned with coriander, and their own in-house "Char-Siu", a traditional Chinese pork roast.

As stated before, I make no claims to being an impartial reviewer. My lunch at Fletcher's was part of a friendly coffee hour with their pitmaster. I had a massive portion of chopped pork with slaw and a sandwich bun. The pork was deeply smokey, tender and full of flavor. When you're cooking with all wood, the flavor reflects this and it's clear from the deep smoke penetration.

I also had a side of Burnt Ends. Burnt Ends can easily be Kansas City's single greatest contribution to mankind. Were burnt ends adopted as a dish globally, I firmly believe we'd achieve world piece. Matt having served his time with RUB NYC, is a master of burnt ends. It is very hard to get burnt ends at RUB, they're always out of them and will only make them when a point is available off a sliced brisket. The fact that they're here makes a visit a MUST. Of course it was wonderful.

Support all wood cookery in New York City. Visit Fletcher's!

433 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215