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RUB BBQ - NYC closed!!

From their Facebook page, I heard the depressing news that one of my favorite BBQ spots in New York City has shut it's doors for good. No word on future plans but I hope perhaps they reopen somewhere else.

It's been a rough year for RUB, Mid-September some idiot trying to steal a Hummer rammed the vehicle into their front space, injuring 8 people. Between that and Hurricane Sandy which crippled New York for weeks, it's easy to imagine why they might need to take a break.

RUB was a Kansas City Style joint and was partially owned by no less of a BBQ idol than Paul Kirk himself.

I really hope that they can make their way back. I really loved their ribs. Their burnt ends were eyeball poppingly good. And Monday night burgers!! It was an off the menu item that only showed up on Monday. The burgers only costed like $6 and ranked up there as part of the 3 burgers of NYC. It's a sad sad day for me.