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Thai-Style Whole Hog BBQ

Someone actually found my site searching for "Thailand Whole Roast Pig". How did I end up in their search is beyond me but since someone's looking I'm happy to provide information. My wife is from Thailand and I have enjoyed many meals there. None of which included roasted whole hogs. That's largely due to the fact that I spent most of my time up North where she attended University.The north on the other hand are masters of the fried pork rind and you'll see huge sacks of them accompany meals. Curry + fried pork skins = my favorite meal.

Thailand's whole hog is based in Trang Province. which is the western strip that's a sneeze away from Malaysia. Trang is one these "Chinese" provinces (80% of the population are ethnically Chinese) where over a century ago, Chinese traders and laborers (invariably all male) settled into the area and married Thai women. In the area you'll find spicy southern Thai curry and dim sum effortlessly existing side by side.

The Trang Whole Hog consists of a rub composed of

  • Chinese 5-Spice powder
  • Honey
  • Garlic
  • Sugar

The pig is scored on the inside and the rub is generously applied. The next step would give every Health Inspector in the country a heart attack. The hog is then left in the SUN FOR A DAY for the spices to catch hold and the meat to ferment slightly.

The pig is then laid flat and roasted crispy and chopped to order. The Chinese prick the skin with a multiple needle device to aid in crisping up the skin.

The Hog is so popular that they even have their own festival! It's held every September and called the Trang Roast Pork Festival งานเทศกาลหมูย่างจังหวัดตรัง

The other popular pork dish in Trang is marinated sweet grilled pork Moo Yang. It's actually popular all over Thailand. Here's it's actually served for breakfast and eaten with their morning coffee and no wedding banquet would be complete without it. Moo Yang can be made with pork butts, but when it's made with PORK NECK it is quite simply Thailand's greatest dish.

For those who might not see pork consumption as the primary reason for visiting Trang, their beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. The best part of visiting the area is that the only tourists are native Thais, so the area is less commercialized and the nightlife not as seedy.