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How to Throw a Sausagefest Party - The Polish are no Joke!!

SausageFest This is day 2 in my series on how to throw a sausagefest party. As my original post got too long I broke it down into several parts to lead up to the big day.

Click HERE for BRITISH Sausages

POLISH - There's a number of polish butchers in Brooklyn that I get my Kielbasas from. Now nothing will get you more "you're a douchebag" looks in a Polish deli than walking in and telling the counterperson you want a “Kielbasa”. Kielbasa is Polish for sausage and there’s over a 100 variety of sausages in Poland. My favorites are -

Kielbasa Krajana - I love this sausage for no other reason than its ring shape. It's double smoked with a thicker and usual casing, and thicker chunks of lean pork.

Kielbasa Weselna - This is a DARK sausage! It's name means "Wedding Sausage" and it has an INTENSE smokey flavor. Just touching it, your hands smell like sweet hardwood fire. The Poles definitely know how to get a marriage started off right. My all time favorite Polish sausage.

Kielbasa Wedzona - This is what you and I normally think of when we think of "regular" kielbasa. Everyone has it on their menus and there's millions of commercial versions. If you get your kielbasa from the Hillshire Farms brand you're getting Kielbasa Wedzona. On a cold winter night, grilling Wedzona until it pops while drinking cider and smoking a cigar? Can't be beat.

Kiełbasa Jałowcowa – This is a kielbasas flavored with juniper berries. It’s the gin & tonic of the sausage world. There’s something very old world about this spice. It’s definitely not a spice we use enough of in my opinion.  I'm actually surprised no one ever decided to call this a "Xmas Sausage". Xmas = Xmas trees & wreaths right? Nothing like a pine cone scented meat tube for the holidays.