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How to Throw a Sausagefest Party - From Munich With Love!!!

SausageFest This is day 3 in my series on how to throw a sausagefest party. As my original post got too long I broke it down into several parts to lead up to the big day.

Click HERE for BRITISH Sausages

Click HERE for Polish Sausages

GERMAN - I get mine at Karl Ehmer's. As far as ethnic stereotypes go, the Germans seem to win the upper hand. When we think of Germans we normally associate them with Beer, Sausages, and flawlessly executed automobiles. Seriously how could you beat that - Fun AND Efficient. It's hard to create a list for German sausages as they have over 200 types of them. Here's some of my favorites -

Weisswurst - This is THE original Munich drinking sausage. The tradition is to simply boil them but I don't think they look every nice boiled. Griddled or grilled so you have brown contrast with the pale white flesh of the sausage looks much better. This tube is made of veal and pork fat and takes on a white color.

Bratwurst - The King of German sausages and of course the fatty cornerstone of a Wisconsin tailgate. The Johnsonville Brat is a perpetual guilty pleasure. Historically, the bratwurst was made with leftovers from your meat roast (brat). No one I know does that today. There are over 40 different varieties of bratwursts but we only have a few here in New York sadly. My personal favorite style of brat would be on the course-ground end with a retardly large amount of fat. If your brat doesn't start out looking almost white, we have a problem. Any additional regional spices are appreciated like caraway, ginger, mace, cloves, cardamon is appreciated.

Bauernwurst - This is known as a "farmer sausage". What makes it a more farmer-like I'm not certain. This is the most full-flavored german sausage I've had. They really throw in the kitchen sink with this one. There's marjoram, pepper, paprika, garlic, mace, caraway, juniper berries, etc AND they smoke it. Great sausage.

KaseKrainer - This is actually not German. It's Austrian. I first had it during my travel to Vienna, among my top 3 favorite cities in the world. The KaseKrainer is basically a kielbasa stuffed with swiss cheese. Griddle that up with a side of sweet Austrian mustard and your eyeballs will do a 360. It's really cool how they put it together as the cheese never seems to leak out until you decide to puncture it, unlike the parsley and chese italian sausage. It's a dangerous thing to eat though cuz that cheeze is indeed molten!!