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How to Throw a Sausagefest Party - Yellow Fever!!

SausageFest This is day 4 in my series on how to throw a sausagefest party. As my original post got too long I broke it down into several parts to lead up to the big day.

Click HERE for BRITISH Sausages

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Asian sausages. The saying goes that every nationality has a dumpling and every nationality has a sausage. While there are plenty of sausages in Oriental counties. Individually there's not as much as say Poland or Germany. Thailand is the one exception as the Asian nation most passionate about sausage.

CHINESELap chong - No one actually grills this stuff but I toss in there anyway for something different. It's slightly sweet, very fatty. Tastes like a warm jerky. As the resident Chinese guy, it's a must for my contribution.

The thing about Chinese sausages is no one actually eats it independently. It normally acts as an ingredient either for seasoning rice or stir frying with vegetables.

FILIPINO Longganisa - this is the national sausage of the Philippines.Every region has their own variation all which are pork. Some are extremely sweet with a punch of garlic (jamonado), others have a strong salty-sour profile (de recado)

THAI - Thailand loves it's sausages. The one thing I really love about Thai sausages is the use of fresh herbs and spices in the mix. Here's 2 of the major ones.

Sai Oua - A Northern Sausage. My wife is Thai and this is one of my top 5 favorite sausages. The texture isn't necessarily my favorite but the flavors are amazing. You get a mixture of cured, fermented, and freshness flavors. It's seasoned with lemongrass, kaffir and red curry paste which is as fantastic as a sausage could ever hope for.

Sai GrokThis sausage stems from Eastern Issan region. Hope you love garlic. Full Judo chop full of garlic in every bite!

Korean - Sondae Koreans have 7 different varieties of pickles (kim-chi) and probably a thousand sub-varieties on the same pickled theme. Unfortunately this innovation didn't quite make its way into the art of tube steak formation. There is 1 sausage in Korea.

This one made of pigs bood, oats, glass noodles and spices would be it. Like the Chinese sausage, no one is looking to grill this (not that this will stop me from grilling it). Unlike the rich creamy texture you'll find in most blood sausages, this one is kinda fluffy and spongy (more or less because of the glass noodle filling).