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How to Throw a Sausagefest Party - Italians? Don't fuhgedaboutit!!

SausageFest This is day 5 in my series on how to throw a sausagefest party. As my original post got too long I broke it down into several parts to lead up to the big day.

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There is one rule went it comes to a good sausagefest - the generic sweet Italian sausage is not allowed. Now this not because it's not a great sausage. It is because if you don't implement this rule basically everyone will stop by the supermarket at the last second and you'll have a table filled with sweet Italian sausage. So in order to gain a larger variety of tube steak the believed sweet Italian is not invited.

Good Italian butchers don't see fresh sausage as the benchmark for judging meat handling superiority. Where they thrive is in their salamis. For today's post we will simply look at two Sausagefest acceptable offerings which are fresh sausages and two which are salamis which make for an acceptable appetizer. After all, what would be more appropriate an appetizer for a sausagefest than more sausage?

Parsley-Cheese Pinwheel - Alright, this has to be single largest made for the ignorant masses sausage ever. Nothing subtle here, you're not getting some culinary epiphany with this retarded inefficient shape. It's also a sausage I can't hold sausagefest without. I love this thing so much I'm ashamed to admit it. It's pure junk food lowest common denominator eating. It's meat and cheese all grilled til juicy and melty. Further proof that I have the epicurean palate of an 8 year old child. For my money no one does it better than Faicco's Pork Store.

Saucisson a l'ail / CotechinoAs the name implies, it holds dual citizenship in North Italy and France. This here is the reigning emperor of garlic sausage. I first encountered it while working at La Cote Basque, a French cuisine institution, in Manhattan. We cooked our cassoulet with this sausage and it flooded the beans in the dish with its garlic flavor. Every subsequent cassoulet I have ever had has been subpar and largely due to the fact that they don't use this sausage. The italians eat it during New Years. You can get it at Salumeria Biellese.

Wild Boar Cacciatorini I absolutely adore this salami. How much flavor the feral hog they use in there adds I'm not sure but it's really tasty. It's definitely more pronounced than your normal salami. It also just has a great story to go with it.

SoppressataThe first time I tried sopressata I thought it was the amazing food invention ever. My opinions haven't deviated far after so many years. Growing up Chinese, soppressata - a cured raw pork salami, was like nothing I ever ate growing up. We never ate a medium rare steak much less raw pork! Soppressata alone made me wish it was possible for me to "convert" my ethnicity. After all people change their religions right? Why couldn't I be an Italian kid? I'd take on the whole bit, Catholic school, Jersey shore look, pasta ever night, just to call this salami my own. I personally prefer them in blocks like they sell them at Mike's Deli in the Bronx and at Faicco's in Manhattan.