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How to Throw a Sausagefest Party - Queens is the King of Sausage

SausageFest This is day 6 in my series on how to throw a sausagefest party. As my original post got too long I broke it down into several parts to lead up to the big day.

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It's tough to write a post on "Miscellaneous" sausages. This comes with such a pejorative connotation that I'm loathe to create this category. These really are very remarkable sausage and are not only worthy additions to a Sausagefest, they're crown jewels.

To place a positive spin on subject we're unifying them under the banner of "Sausages of Queens". My hometown of Queens NYC is a foodie heaven due to it's extraordinary diversity of ethnicities. The following sausages come from the Sunnyside-Astoria-Long Island City neighborhoods, to navigate this I asked the help of no less of an expert of the region than fellow blogger Tastoria Queens

Moroccan Merguez -  I love lamb and wish I could eat more of it. One of the best things about lamb sausage is how aggressive and spicy you can season this bad boy and STILL be able to taste the lamb. Every one has their own variation on the merguez seasoning but it usually contains sumac- a reddish lemony seasoning. It usually comes with a spicy pepper paste called harissa. Caveat Emptor! Harissa is no joke, take a little sample before you go to town, otherwise it'll be long night.... Two popular places for merguez in Astoria are Naseem Meat Market & Grocery and Cedars Meat House.

Greek LoukanikoThis greek pork sausage is flavored with orange peel and fennel seeds. As you probably already know, orange and fennel are natural partners. Having a sausage flavored with a citrus zest is an amazing treat! This sausage is so popular that it's been around since the 4th century!! That's older than most major religions! You can get yours at Akropolis Meat Market in Astoria.

Romanian Mititei - Anthony Bourdain had an AWFUL time in Romania. I'm not saying these skinless sausages would have changed his view of the country but they certainly would have helped. As someone who has done work in Eastern Europe it's a common sentiment among travelers that the food has no range and pretty much settles on the binary - either bland or completely inspiring. Mititei is definitely the later. It's seasoned with thyme, garlic, paprika, coriander, anise, satureja. Just look at the photo and tell me you're not drooling. I get mine at Muncan Foods in Astoria.

Irish Black & White Pudding - I grew up next to an Irish family and certainly never saw them eating these sausages. We already covered the black pudding in the British segment. I could honestly have simply forgone this post if it wasn't for amazing Irish butcher in Sunnyside - the Butcher Block. The white pudding isn't my favorite tasting sausage but it's interesting enough and it's a great color contrast for a sausagefest! It's basically pork and binder with some general seasonings.


Spaniard Chorizo This Spaniard style sausage is served at the finest restaurants in New York City, and it's made right here in Queens!! Despana seasons theirs with the smokey paprika known as Pimenton de la Vera. The varieties of chorizos include Chorizo Tradicional, Chorizo de Cantimpalo, Mini Chorizo, Chorizo Picante and Chistorra.