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News from around the BBQ Blogsphere

DivaQ gets 11th place Chicken Team of the year for 2012!! "This was on my bucket list. My personal BBQ bucket list. I always wanted one of these trophies from KCBS. We have never been in the top 25 before. There are over 4000 competing teams all over the world."

MemphisQue find actual pit smoked BBQ in a Best Western Motel. Stranger things have happened but this BBQ blogger found " I was surprised by how pink they were and how much smoke I could taste in them. When I mentioned that and asked about how they were cooked Watkins told me the restaurant had a barbecue pit built into it, which wasn't something I expected from a place inside a hotel."

Big Wayne's BBQ reviews Smokin' Skillie's Just Leave the Bones BBQ sauce. A sauce whose flavor is as awesome as its name.

BBQ Geek tries Zeiglar's BBQ in Acworth, GA. He notes "the ribs and the brisket were the best. Ribs were not overcooked, and the smoke and rub were spot on.  The brisket was tender but lacked a well defined smoke ring.  The brisket seemed like it could have used a little more rub and had a mushy texure.  We were less impressed with the pork and chicken.  The meats looked to be chopped as opposed to pulled and were presauced.  Presaucing isn't a big deal for some people, but for me it is a huge foul."

Full Custom BBQ visits Odessa, TX for some smoked meats! To source this he hits up Sam's Bar-B-Que, Rose's Bar-B-Que, Jack Jordan's Bar-B-Q and Rockin' Q Smokehouse. Didn't sound like he had a good time as the opinions ranged from "wasn't even good barbecue for a drive-thru window" to "good for West Texas, if not great overall."

Southeastern North Carolina Food visits Sid's Catering And BBQ in Beulaville, NC  for "some of the BEST Eastern North Carolina Whole Hog BBQ I have ever tasted". Come early cuz they run out past noon.