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Sid's Catering & BBQ in Beulaville, NC

Sids Catering BBQ

I found an episode of NC Weekend which featured Sid's BBQ in Beulaville, NC. This is the South Eastern portion of the state so whole hog BBQ is still gospel. They cook with charcoal here (no gas or electricity) so it's definitely worth adding it on your BBQ roadtrip.

Now Beulaville isn't the most popular city around, it has a population of just over a thousand people. The town was originally known for its " alcoholism and frequent street brawls." Charming isn't it?

So I added a map above which will take your on a whole hog eating tour on your way to the beach! And who doesn't love a beach? Beaufort is the third oldest town in North Carolina is a well loved vacation spot. So my map will have you start with a meal at Wilbur's in Goldsboro, down to Dudley for a meal with the Grady's and hitting Sid's before enjoying the scenic drive through the Croatian National Forest to the beach!

Keep in mind that Sid's only opens on Saturday and will likely run out before noon.