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BBQ JEW shares one of my favorite magazines OUR STATE, a North Carolina state publication that has an actual page dedicated to the state's barbecue.

Year of BBQ is keeping track of his progress throughout the year and sharing it with us. Thus far he's working with the temperature control tool Guru II and smoking it a Weber Smokey Mountain. 

Marie Let's Eat! reviews Big D's BBQ in Dawsonville, GA. Seems like the pork plate is the item to get, noting that it was "rich and smokey". "Big D’s has a pretty large menu of other things, although the barbecue here is so good I can’t understand why anybody would order any of it. They open every morning for breakfast, including a gluttonous challenge of five pounds of pancakes, and are very proud of their hamburgers. The owner, who grew up in eastern North Carolina, is a UNC fan and he offers up a Tarheel Burger, with cheese, bacon, slaw and vinegar sauce over a half-pound of ground beef."

MEATWAVE continues the BBQ awesome by smoking up some Canadian Bacon! Bear in mind that it's below 20 degrees for the past 2 weeks here in New York City. That's a dedication to smoking we can all respect. Click to get the recipe.

BBQ Blog gives us tips on how to self publishing our own BBQ cookbook. "Before you dismiss what I'm saying about self-publishing you may be interested to know that 2012's best-selling written work 50 Shades of Grey started out as a self-published book. You may not agree with it being a book worth reading and you may not agree with the book's subject matter, but like it or not that book changed publishing and how it will be done in the future."

Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue takes us through the history of Virginia BBQ sauce. OCB is a fantastic researcher (possibly my favorite) and this post is most definitely one that should be studied in detail by all. He does take a zing at us Carolina stylists "In closing and on behalf of all Virginians, I'd like to say to our Eastern North Carolina friends who enjoy vinegar based barbecue sauce, "You are welcome. We are delighted that you like our barbecue sauce.""

Big Wayner's BBQ visits Blue's BBQ in Billings, MT. He recalls the hilarious conversation conversation he had with the staff in which he complimented their brisket and asked if they had any burnt ends for sale. Their response? "We usually throw ‘em out or feed ‘em to the dogs." SMH....

Afroculinaria relived the Southern Plantation experience by attending a Hog Killing. Great pictures. Those who are squeamish should return to McDonald', this is real food here.