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Country Barbeque - Greensboro North Carolina

Our State Magazine, a publication devoted to promoting the state of North Carolina as a great new article out on Country Barbeque in Greensboro. This as you all know is also home to the legendary Stamey's BBQ where the folks also studied their craft. Read the entire piece HERE 

It's not trying to be anything more than a great local joint serving regular people like you and me.

The restaurant draws mostly working-class folks dressed in worn jeans and stiff work shirts. Although a few businessmen in white collars and sharp ties do roll up their pressed sleeves to the elbow, a proper precaution before digging in. When the plates, trays, and sandwiches arrive, knowing customers reach for Tony’s barbecue sauce, sweet and tangy with a ketchup base.


While the Lexington style BBQ does sound delicious. The deferentiating factor here seems to be the extremely tasty sounding tenderloin biscuit - a country-fried tenderloin in a buttery biscuit. Dear lord I wish I had one right now.

Frank retired about 13 years ago, but he still meets his former coworkers at Country Barbeque for breakfast once a week. It’s a tradition they’ve followed for decades. Frank’s favorite is the tenderloin biscuit, a cut of chicken-fried pork as big as a man’s palm between a biscuit large enough to lock your jaw.


“Every Thursday I look forward to that tenderloin biscuit and having a genuine conversation with all those guys,” Frank says.


Frank may have retired and his work routine may have changed, but those tenderloin biscuits are a constant. Customers rely on those Country Barbeque constants — tenderloin biscuits, trays of chopped pork, sandwiches served in deli paper, squeeze bottles of sauce — to give them comfort as everything else around them changes.