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Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue notes that the original celebration of Groundhog's day actually involved barbecuing Groundhogs! "At this novel annual event farmers, politicians and former residents to the number of many thousands gather to share in eating a splendid repast, the principal feature of which is groundhog meat. The meat is cooked in barbecue fashion and invariably wins the praise of the celebrants."

Marie let's eat visits Keith-A-Que in Ashbrun, GA and found the only great thing about it was the price because the BBQ pork butt certainly wasn't very good. They also visited Smoakies in Cordele, GA which they really did like. I'm so disappointed I didn't know about this place when I was down in Cordele a few months ago. It's named after the owner's beloved cat, and who wouldn't love a joint like that?

Patrons of the Pit grills pork chops in sub-freezing temperatures in the balmy state of Minnesota. They got some beautiful shots and share my view of what BBQ is - it's not a recipe, it's a philosophy. "After a while, and maybe even longer than that, I felt the compulsion to put the lid on, and go think about my life. Nothing quite so fine as repairing out in the yard with a 15 below cross-wind, whilst two pork chops sizzle on the snow grill. Glory! The art of winter grilling, if your wondering, is not to fight it. But to embrace it. To make the proverbial glass of lemon aid out of it. To meet it on it’s terms and not your own. That, and a degree of lunacy doesn’t hurt none either."

Grilling with Rich does an amazing profile on Texas UBER-pitmaster Robert (Bobby) Mueller. Much have already been said about Mueller's sausage recipe and his preservation of the family brisket but Rich managed to show us another passion of the great smoker - marathon running! "Beginning around 1975, Bobby embarked on a new leisure activity – running. As if sanding on his feet for 14-16 hours a day wasn’t enough, Bobby set his sites on eventually running in a marathon. After 25 years as an avid runner, Bobby completed 5 marathons, numerous half marathons and roughly fifty 10ks. In the summer of 1984, Bobby was chosen by the Taylor community to carry the Olympic torch on its journey to Los Angeles, CA for the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Summer Games."

The MEATWAVE reviewed Frank's RedHot Kickin' BBQ Sauce and didn't love it as much as I do. This sauce is a guilty pleasure of mine kinda Hostess cupcakes and McDonald's McNuggets. "I understand Tyson's attraction to this "guilty pleasure," as the flavor of Frank's is nearly impossible to resist. That being said, it doesn't really live up to its label as a barbecue sauce. Out of the jar that sauce tasted like a scaled back version of the original Frank's, which left me wanting more heat to bring it in line with the flavor that I know and love."

Full Custom BBQ visits Balderas Grocery & BBQ in Waelder, TX and well, seems unhappy. "The brisket was so over cooked that it came apart in chunks. A bit of mashed potatoes and gravy would have been more appropriate accompaniments than barbecue sauce. It was just sad roast beef. Pork ribs were so dry that edges were frayed as they were cut from the rack. They had been wrapped up tight for some time, so what once was bark was now wet and gummy. The only saving grace was a well spiced sausage with some kick from garlic and spices along with some unexpected herbal notes. It had good smoke, but like everything else had dried out considerably."

Big Wayne's BBQ lists some his favorite BBQ & Pork related tshirts and they are definitely awesome!


Cowgirl's Country Life does a Smoked Beer Chuck on Beer bread. That's right it's embarrassing how much more awesome she is than the rest of us. Just try and read this post without drooling. I couldn't.