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Southern Foodways shares the retirement of "Big Jack" Dyson whose been serving legendary Memphis ribs at the Rendezvous for the past 45 years. How waiters do you know get a congressional speech at their retirement? That's memorable hospitality right there! "I’m watching the children’s children come in...I’m waiting on my third generation, so I know mostly everyone, you know, that’s been coming here for years."

BBQ Jew has some exciting news!!! Johnson Family Barbecue has open in Durham, NC and is serving all wood cooked BBQ. If you're new to the BBQ scene, any new place being opened in North Carolina that cooks with all wood is a win for the good guys is worth celebrating.

Texas BBQ Posse is off on a journey to find Texas' best BBQ. "Now, to determine the very best – at least for this one trip -- we plan to visit our 10 favorites over three days, covering nearly 700 miles. Then, we’ll rank the top 5, in order. ---Call it the Super Bowl of Texas BBQ tours. One trip. One tasting. One big winner."

Man Up Texas BBQ visits Louie Mueller's and shares some AMAZING food porn photos. So little words but so much to be said. You'll want to see these!

Serious Eats gives us a tour of the newly opened Hi-Lo BBQ in San Francisco, CA. If nothing else marvel at his all wood cooker - my personal favorite the J&R smoker. This is exciting news to hear that people are moving back to cooking with all wood.

DivaQ, the award winning BBQ champion, shares her recipe for Greek-style grilled chicken kabobs.

Congratulations are in order for Swamp Boys BBQ for hitting the #1 spot in BBQ rankings!

The BBQ Grail reviews Gary's Original All-Purpose Seasonings. "When you first open the shaker of Gary’s Seasoning the aroma of garlic is the most prominent flavor your notice.  But do not let that fool you.  This is not a one note seasoning.  Taste the seasoning and you’ll notice the layers of flavors start to play tricks on your taste buds.  The more you taste the different it tastes.  Because of the different flavor layers I found you get the best result when you start with a good dash of the seasoning the chicken when it’s put on the grill and then a light sprinkle just before you take the meat off the grill."

Patrons of the Pit has another use for his BBQ grill - remembering the tranquility of cooking at a forest campsite. "The stars, the moon, the forest glade, we love it all, even the smoke in our face! And here is the thing I have noticed, and maybe some of you have to; every time back home when we thus light the grill, and we smell that campfire-like smoke lofting towards the heavens, are we not at once, and irrevocably so, reminiscent, and smitten deeply for these places. Because smell is at once patron to memories, and memories thus flood back of those quiet campsites nestled aside shimmering waters. And for a moment,  we can taste again the simple life we had once aspired to there."

Marie let's eat visits Beachcomber BBQ & Grill in St Simon's Island, GA. Apparently in the area. it's the underdog BBQ joint to a much larger and older competitor. But ... "Alton Brown has family in the area, and he sang Beachcomber’s praises on an episode of Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate. It’s his contention that Beachcomber’s simplicity puts it above its celebrated rival; just smoking the meat low and slow over oak without anything fancy or flashy is all that it needs to be memorable."

Full Custom Gospel BBQ is in San Antonio, TX visiting the Big Bib BBQ which was "above average" and Conger's Smoke Shack where he had a really good time. "The meat was smoky, well seasoned and had perfectly rendered fat. This was some great brisket."