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BBQ and Snowman

BBQ Snowman Super storm Nemo decided to dump a good two feet worth of snow on us New York City residents. January and February are pretty miserable months up here. The reduced daylight and bitter cold really puts a damper on our moods. I never understood people’s thoughts that the winter and barren cold leads to meditative thoughts. Perhaps looking at snow topped tree branches from my computer screen saver maybe, in reality it’s just misery for us who enjoy simply being outside.

The one thing about winter is the seeking nuggets of joy in the midst of misery. Now this would probably not really be an issue if I were into winter sport e.g. skiing, snowboarding etc. But it’s an expensive hobby and not one I have ever found myself to enjoy. So in the middle of the snow storm we looked out into piles of white misery and we made a snow man. We also decided to smoke some beef shortribs.

The snowman lasted for an extra day before melting. The carrot also disappeared leading me to think the local raccoon population had a nice snack. The shortribs were tender and smokey. It seems insignificant to simply be cooking meat over coals in the winter. Some might even find a good deal of humor in the fact that someone is doing BBQ in the snow. For me it’s part of the larger dialogue of one’s existence. There’s plenty in daily life that’s restrictive of what you can do, so much of our limited time engaging in undesired actions and conversations. We do this because the natural world is hard and we accept the difficulties of the task. But in the moments where we manage to separate from the daily rat race, it’s nice to engage in a dialogue away from all that. Thoughts and talk of snowmen, of smoked meat, a child finding magic in winter, and the dreams of Spring.