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Beer Hall Carolina Whole Hog BBQ

News from around the BBQ Blogsphere slow smokes a Tri-Tip roast and stuffs it with breakfast!

BBQ Geek shares with us Fox Brother's BBQ event  to promote awareness of breast cancer. Having lost their head chef to a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer, they wish to honor her memory and do what they can to get more people involved to find a cure. If you're in the Atlanta region, do show your support!

The MEATWAVE tries a new Chris Lilly recipe and grills up some sweet and spicy pickles! Summer burgers have never had a better companion.

Marie, let's eat visits Big Oak Bar-B-Q in Commerce, GA a joint serving up North Georgia BBQ. "He smokes hams for seven hours and the result is a meal very much like the excellent restaurants in the surrounding area. The chopped pork is dry and mildly smoky, and tastes pleasant and light, but it really cries out for sauces. The taste of the meat is very similar to what you get at the nearby Bar-H, and also Bar-B-Q Shack, among others. There are two sauces, mild and hot versions of a not-too-thick tomato and vinegar mix; the hot version is enhanced by Red Rooster."

Memphis Que reviews Elwood's Shack, a literal shack sitting in a parking lot of a Lowe's in Memephis. "The sandwich ended up being a gloriously big, sloppy beast that I mostly ate open-faced with a fork. The pork was well-smoked, the jalapeno slaw added a nice extra kick and the bun was perfectly toasted and buttered, which showed some impressive attention to detail despite the unusually high volume of customers that day. For $6 it is one hell of a sandwich."

Patron's of the Pit shares with us the story of Jim Minion. If you're a BBQ guy, it's likely that you're cooking using the minion method. This was a method of keeping a low and slow burn that Jim came up with by accident.

BBQ Illuminati shares a picture of a real BBQ dragster. Some things just render you speechless don't they?

Texas BBQ Posse did a  35-hour, 700-mile barbecue tour to the Texas Gulf Coast and back just to find good smoked meat in Houston. Well let's say they didn't quite find what they were looking for.

Obsessive Compulsive BBQ, my favorite BBQ historian, shares some photos and stories of the annual Pie Town Fair BBQ from 1940.

Man Up Texas BBQ shares with us a very very very tragic story. "Sadly, a pit fire shut down Louie Mueller Barbecue (Taylor, TX) yesterday. They might reopen tomorrow (I'll update later.) but will do so without the brick pit in the kitchen. It's a sad loss, but everyone is okay, so that is something to be thankful for. Our best wishes to Wayne and all of the folks at LMB.."

Another great week in SAUCE!! 

  • Big Wayner's BBQ reviews Crazy Bitch Gourmet Sauces. With names like Sassy, Chicken Shit, and Hott how this possibly be bad?
  • BBQ Sauce Reviews takes a look at Char Crust Amazin' Dry Rub Cajun Seasoning. Could they possible have come up with a longer name?
  • Pork N Whisky makes a hot sauce using the "Brian Strain" pepper, the world's hottest pepper. It rates up in the 1.2+ million Scoville range (jalapeno are in the 5000 range).
  • BBQ Grail shares a Chipotle-Peanut BBQ sauce. Sounds delicious!
  • Another Pint Please shares a beer variant of a classic French sauce to go with his BBQ. Instead of a Bearnaise, it's a BEER-naise! Right up my buddy  WDM's alley.
  • No Excuses BBQ tries out Big Butz Chicken Dust and Hot BBQ sauce
  • Barbecue Master reviews and presents an offer from Tantonka Dust Beef Rub.