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BBQ Sauce Reviews tries out Zurrell's BBQ Sauce after their label make over. Great to see more people heading for the tangy end of the spectrum in the "Stubb's Mesquite" style.

Bob's Brew & Que turns his grill into a wood burning pizza oven! "I have been pondering my lack of a wood stove or dedicated pizza cooker for some time, and have been playing around with different configurations for making pizza. I have tried fires on the bottom of the kettle, offset, in the middle, and decided I would try building the fire on the back side of the cooking grill, to see if that worked. It did not work well enough, the pizza stone, in this case a cast iron version, never got hot enough to cook the crust as I would like. But the overall pizzas were still pretty good."

Cowgirl's Country Life is ready for St Paddy's Day! On the grill tonight - Grilled corned beef and cabbage wraps with chipotle thousand island dressing.

Kevin's BBQ Joints convinces Ms Virginia Willis to name her favorite BBQ joints. This included Heirloom BBQ; Fox Bros BBQ, Fat Matt's, and Community Q all in Atlanta, GA.

Patrons of the Pit makes some Apple wood smoked spare ribs! "During the next three hours, I naturally took up periodic residence in a gamut of my favorite easy chairs, whilst watching out of the corner of my eye, the apple wood smoke quietly curl from the cooker. I don’t know what it is exactly, about a smoking pit, and meats quietly cooking there, but it stirs me. It cultivates a great contentment in me, and for a while at least, I am in need of little else. And as I repaired on the couch with my favorite father in-law, our feet propped up, lovely beverages in hand, I declared that this was indeed the high rigors of BBQ, but more over, that we were undoubtedly up to the task at hand. We raised our beverages with the rising smoke, saluting the BBQ arts, and then I think father in-law may have even nodded off a bit. Bless him and his true BBQ posture"

Grilling with Rich reviews Slap Yo Daddy's Competition Chicken Rub. "Upon, taking the chicken out of the smoker, you automatically see the effects of the rub and you get that nice mahogany color  that we all strive for and will have a big impact on your appearance scoring. The one thing that I realized when making the best barbecue chicken possible is that you must leave the rub on for about max 20 mins so that the rub really penetrates the skin of the chicken before you put the chicken in the smoker."

Man Up Texas BBQ gives us some great shots of the pits at Opie's BBQ in Spicewood Texas.

BBQ Guy Blog is done with competitions. His post is well worth reflecting on. "As regular readers of this blog probably know, I stopped competing in bbq contests a few years ago. I decided that instead of spending money on a hobby that didn't produce a respectable return on investment, I would prefer to spend my time and hard earned money pursuing other hobbies that do produce realiable consistent income with reasonable certainty."

BBQ Jew alerts us to the fact that Cooper's is turning 75! " If Clyde Cooper walked into the barbecue restaurant that bears his name today – 75 years after he opened its downtown doors – he still would know the recipes for the short, simple menu and recognize some of the regulars in the straight-backed wooden booths."

Texas BBQ Posse shares several 360 panoramic views of the top BBQ joints in Texas.
Another Pint Please shares a tasty recipe for the grill. Chicken Grillsicles with Rum Butter Sauce.
The BBQ Grail preps up something tasty - Grilled Tenderloin stuffed with Walnut Romesco.
Fed Man Walking visits the new John Meuller Meat Co and Texas' most infamous pitmaster still has the chop's "Even as the brisket shakes off the rust of a shakedown cruise, Mueller’s beef ribs are the staves that hold the ship together, complicated beams of fiber and ruddy crust on the outside, a marbled motherlode on the inside, with the bone just starting to recede at the edges for an ideal tension.".